Download SP Flash Tool Latest Verison for Windows & Linux

The SP Flash Tool, also known as the SP Flash Tool, is a tool for flashing devices powered by the Meditek chipsets on Android.
This Tool is entirely free and can be used to flash any Mediatek Android phone or Tablet in flashing stock, custom firmware, kernels, recovery files, and many more that target system alterations.

To use the SP Flash Tool on your Android phone or tablet, you need to first root that device.

SP Flash Tool


Flash Stock ROM

This tool allows you to flash firmware files to your Android devices, letting you update the software on your device, and can help rectify any problems you’re having, which can improve your device’s overall performance.

Flash Recovery

It lets you flash stock and custom recoveries onto your Android devices. Stock recoveries are the default recovery software that comes with your device, and you can also flash custom recoveries such as TWRP, which enables you to perform advanced tasks and customizations on your device.

Memory Test

By using the SP Flash Tool, you can test and verify the performance of the external memory of your Android devices, including eMMC, RAM, and NAND flash.

The test results are displayed in detail, which helps you to identify and solve any problem with your device’s memory.

Parameter Setting

You can also set parameters that allow you to customize the flashing process and let you control how the tool can function.
The parameter settings include options like download speed, boot mode, and format address.

Format Device or Hard Reset

By using the SP Flash Tool, you can even reset your Android phone to its factory default settings, which mainly includes wiping all data and settings from your handset and restoring it to its original condition.

To utilize this feature, connect your Android phone to your computer or laptop and follow the instructions to start the hard reset process.

Why Should You Download SP Flash Tool?

SP Flash Tool, also known as Meditek Flash Tool, is the best recommendation for MediaTek chipset devices. It supports all of the MediaTek ROM variants.

It is a free tool and 100 % safe to download for flashing and other purposes. If you were planning to use this tool, then you should be aware of the risks it comes with as this tool is used for system alteration, which could possibly make several errors while processing.

Download SP Flash Tool for Windows and Linux

The SP Flash Tool V3 to V5 allows you to flash or install .txt-based scatter firmware on MediaTek Android devices. Follow the below links to download the tool on your Computer or Laptop:

Download Links for Windows

SP Flash Tool V3 for Windows

SP Flash Tool V5 for Windows

SP Flash Tool V6 for Windows

Download Links for Linux

SP Flash Tool V5 for Linux

SP Flash Tool V6 for Linux

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